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Beth Wood
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About Beth Wood

A self- taught artist living in Dorset, with a natural ability to draw and paint. Realising early on how much she enjoyed painting Beth took courses with the support of night school for a time, to gain perspective and proportion and has developed her own style over the years.


Art has always been a passion in Beth’s life. She needed to work to support her art and so throughout her full-time working career found a balance to do both. Beth then took the plunge to become a full-time artist and although a risk, she believed it to be one worth taking.


Beth is an animal lover - ‘’ if I could, I would have many pets and animal friends, all types and sizes’’.

She started painting portraits of her friends pets and found how much enjoyment she felt when they saw the result, which led her to take it to the next stage. Beth has made new friends through her commissions and sales of her original oil paintings of all animals. She takes pride in each painting, capturing the realism and character and is able to bring a smile to the face of whoever purchases one of her pet portraits or wildlife paintings.


Beth’s love of nature brings landscapes and wildflowers, butterflies, bees and all of nature’s other creatures to her paintings.

She enjoys long walks spending time photographing the landscapes and wildlife she wishes to use as reference for her artwork.

Beth is a creator of and specialises in landscapes, seascapes, flora and fauna using traditional methods and the finest quality materials.

Beth is truly inspired by all things nature.


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