Sleeping boy, curled up as tiny as can be sleeping on his blanket


Rex, looking into his mums eyes with adoration


Bisquit sitting in his bicycle basket going for a ride. I've used oils on canvas for this painting and the size is 30cm x 30cm


Don't leave food around Mabel will Whoomph!! it all up. Painted on canvas in many layers of oil with a fine brush, finished size 30cm x 40cm


This is Ruben, my second painting of this boy with gentle eyes and whiskers to die for, I've painted him in oils on 6mm artist board


A commissioned portrait of Teal, she's a working dog and seen here enjoying some training. Painted on 30 x 40cm canvas using oils


Badger was commissioned for a 13th Birthday, he was painted on a 30 x 40cm canvas, I used oils to complete this beautiful boy


Izzie, always busy and having fun Painted on 30 x 40cm canvas in oils

Dark Bay

This handsome dark bay was commissioned recently, his soft pink nose and gentle eyes endorses his temperament and friendliness


Gunner a working Labrador doing his favourite job


For Sale: Original painted on 30cm x 30cm board in oil and is displayed in a local shop as an example of my work

Murphy and Scarlett

Commissions piece. Murphy and Scarlett, much loved and in loving memory, painted in oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm


A commission of Alfie for a birthday present, completed in oils on panel.


This is Sprout, a commission completed on canvas and painted in oil. Size 25cm x 30cm


Commissioned painting of Eryk, painted in oils on linen canvas, size 30cm x 30cm


Commissioned work of Bluetooth, he's painted in oil on linen canvas, size 40cm x 30cm

The pac

A recent commission from Lizziz Dog Training, these are her pac, such a joy to paint and on a large scale too.


For Sale: Freddie was painted on a 30cm x 30cm board in oil and is displayed in a shop local to me as an example of my work

Olive Archie and Boris

A commissioned trio of joy, painted in oil on canvas, 40cm x 30cm

Melody and Moshca

A completed commission of two very much loved cats, Melody and Moshca, painted in oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm


Commissioned piece, Bunty, playful and full of fun. Size 22cm x 30cm oil on board


Commissioned work, 50cm x 40cm painted in oil on canvas


Commissioned painting, Botas at home. oil on canvas 30cm x 40cm


Commissioned painting, a rest from rounding up the sheep, painted in oil on canvas 30 x 35cm


Commissioned work Country views with Samson, Oil on canvas 30cm x 30cm


Commissioned painting of Dolly at home, painted in oils on canvas 40 x 30cm


Toby, acrylic on board canvas 40cm x 30cm


Commissioned painting of Ruben, his favourite lake 60cm x 45cm


Commissioned painting; Playing ball, acrylic on canvas 45cm x 35cm


Commissioned piece, Oil on canvas 40 x 35

Maisie and Harry

Commissioned painting, Maisie and Harry having fun in the bluebells. Painted in Oil on board, 42cm x 30cm

Rosey and Jamaica

Commissioned painting, Jamaica and Rosey on a summers day, acrylic on canvas, 40cm x 30cm

Pet Portraits

Commissioned work  

Painting your well loved and cherished pets and my own pets have always given me pleasure in my work. I like to bring out the character and with the finest detail create the most realistic painting of your beloved pets.

How does it work

I paint from photographs, so it is important that they are of good quality, I understand that some photographs are of pets that are no longer with us but the better image allows me to add the finest details to your portrait.

Commissioned work is priced individually, each piece being unique to you.

From £160.00 painted in oil on board 30 x 30cm unframed.

These pieces can be:

  • A portrait head and shoulders on a simple background. 

  • A full portrait on a simple background

  • A full portrait with landscape scene or at home scene


Finished Work, Payment and delivery

All finished pieces once the work is approved, please arrange for secure payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

Once payment has been received, the portrait will be delivered to you via 1st class postage tracked and signed for by Royal Mail at the address provided.

International postage and tracking will be quoted at the time of order.

For further information


or please get in touch through

WhatsApp 07384646506