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For Sale: Hare, painted on panel size 30cm x 30cm in oils. Prints are available


For Sale: Hedgehog, as real as I could possibly get, painted in oils on panel. Prints are available

Georgie Giraffe

For Sale: Georgie, painted using a texture brush on panel in oils. size 30cm x 30cm. Prints are available

Jeff the Giraffe

For Sale: Jeff the Giraffe is painted on panel 30cm x 30cm using oils. Prints are available


For Sale: Olive, original artwork, 30cm x 30cm painted in oil on panel, prints are available


For Sale: Sybil, original artwork 30cm x 30cm, painted in oil on panel. Prints are available


For Sale: Flossy - Original Artwork painted in oil on panel 30cm x 30cm, prints are available


Original artwork has sold of Aggie the Alpaca, Prints are available

Alpaca Dorothy

Original Artwork of Dorothy has Sold Prints are available


Original artwork of Gypsy has Sold: Prints are available

Otter pup

For Sale: This little pup was almost full grown when I painted him. Original is painted oil on board 30cm x 30cm

Dame Edna Possum and Fizz

For Sale: This trio of fun, have been painted in oils on linen canvas, size 60cm x 40cm. Print size 40cm x 30cm

Alpaca, Gertie

For Sale: Gertie the Alpaca, painted on a 30cm x 30cm board in oil

Oldie Goldie

For Sale: Oldie Goldie, painted in oil on board 30cm x 30cm. Prints are also available


Gemma, a commissioned portrait of a beloved Alpaca. painted in oil on canvas 30cm x 40cm

James and Fred

For Sale: Photo Bomb, James and Fred painted in oil on 30 x 30cm board. Prints are available


Sold: Zebra painted in oil on ply, size 60cm x 30cm


Original painting is not available of Scott Prints are actual size 30cm x 30cm


For Sale: The Kingfisher, painted in oil on board 30cm x 30cm, prints are also available


Prints only available of James size 25cm x 30cm.


Fred has been painted in oil on linen canvas, size 25cm x 30cm. The Original is no longer available but prints are available to order


Sold: River Otters, prints are available to order

Local wildlife 

A series of paintings on agricultural and wildlife, these are painted in oils, using a range of brushes with the finest hair to capture as much detail as possible.

I endeavour to keep each painting as close as possible to realism using my reference photography for colour accuracy and maintaining the true form of oil paintings.

For more information contact

or WhatsApp 07384646506


Prices start from £140.00 unframed


Prints are available

£25.00 for 30cm x 30cm 

£15.00 for 20cm x 20cm

Prints include P&P for UK only

Payment and Delivery

For payment on all finished pieces and prints

please arrange for secure payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

Once payment has been received, the portrait will be delivered to you via 1st class postage tracked and signed for by Royal Mail at the address provided.

International postage and tracking will be quoted at the time of order.

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